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Well, it’s day one in my life of unemployment. Feels good to still be in my PJs…. I guess.

So, here’s the story….
Got a sweet job that I loved, working with a great leader and team of people… and then all of a sudden Godzilla attacked us. Yep, that’s what happened (otherwise known as switch up in Operational Management).
I guess there’s comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one that the green, slimy monster grabbed up and slung across the cityscape that WAS my job…. uh, no there’s none… no comfort at all. That’s a load of crap.
Misery loves company, so post a comment with your bad boss story too.
I swear, there’s a couple of stories I’ve already read online that MUST be about my former boss.
BTW… I’ll make this template look less heinous after I get over my self loathing and pity party.
Jus’ Sayin’

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