T-minus Two Days and Counting

OK… you know who you are.

There are only 2 more days of suffering in your home zip code before the 1st Qtr GITP meeting.

And, for those of you who will NOT be attending this quarter’s meeting, you will be missing A LOT. We can not be responsible for bringing you up to speed at next quarter’s meeting.

Minutes from last meeting have been, appropriately, burned to ashes. And yes, we DO have an appointed fire starter for such.

Attendees of this quarter’s meeting should be prepared to recite the usual anthem.

Jus’ Sayin’



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2 responses to “T-minus Two Days and Counting

  1. you crack me up!! what kinda food/alky and I bringin??

  2. MONKEY BREAD!!!!! MONKEY BREAD!!!! MONKEY BREAD!!! BTW, only Corona is allowed in the way of beers.

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