We All Need A Little Closure

Closure. An over-used, yet under-rated word and concept.

We all want it. We all need it. Questions left unanswered lead us to fill in the blanks ourselves and when left to our own imaginations, we usually fill in those blanks with either the worst possible scenarios, or at best, inaccurate guesses.

Losing a much loved job recently, without an explanation as to why, has left me yearning for some closure myself.

A group of my friends are searching for closure and answers over another friend’s recent choice of suicide.

Families all over the planet whose loved ones have gone missing or worse, with no answers about the circumstances or hope for capture of those responsible are haunted by a lack of closure with every breath they take.

Those are just a few of life’s heaviest moments deserving closure. But even on the smallest and most mundane levels it’s good to experience closure.

I love the Winter Olympic Games. Summer Games are fun too, but I really prefer the Winter Games each and every time. I’m actually one of the few who probably really enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies (except for that little moment where the torches malfunctioned…. uh, yeah, little moment, right?), so you can imagine how I was looking forward to the Closing Ceremonies.

Talk about a lack of closure. I didn’t stick around for it, did you?

Maybe next time.

Jus’ Sayin’


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