Am I A Leader?

Being partially employed has left me generous amounts of time to self reflect. Actually, having a broken ankle and being limited in my mobility and physical activities is really what has left me with generous amounts of time. I’m sure it’s good for me to have this “zen” time, but honestly, I’d rather be working – for the obvious financial benefits, of course, but nor do I want my mind, skills and experience to atrophy in the absence of full time employment. Next Friday can’t come soon enough – off with the cast and back to life as I love it!

I do love what I’m doing now, part time. Keeping my mind and my hands engaged in two of my greatest passions is therapeutic. As a part time design assistant for a local interior decorator, I get to keep my creative juices flowing; and managing our home based print production boutique agency keeps me engaged professionally within marketing and advertising circles. I’m compelled to throw myself into both of these part time endeavors because I enjoy them and because I need to be generating some income, but mostly because they are the shields that protect me from falling into a funk over my current short-fall of employment.

Honestly though, I miss the work of my last position. As a Social Media Manager I was blending my love for research and writing with my quest to achieve additional skill sets and experience in the emerging industry of Social Media and Social Media Marketing. I yearn to return! In case you haven’t noticed, Social Media and Social Media Marketing is sweeping business and industry as THE method of choice for brand recognition and consumer engagement. It’s grown beyond being the vehicle for broadcasting the latest jokes.

I want to be immersed in this emerging marketing phenomena. I was on the wave of it all in my last position, and I’m grateful for the most valuable thing I learned while there – I learned that just having a presence on the Social Media Landscape does not an ROI or monetization make. There’s so much more…. like studying the level of engagement to determine what drives a consumer to that level of engagement and more so what drives them to a brand. Infinitely more important, what binds them to that brand… how do we keep them as brand ambassadors? I wasn’t getting that at my last position. It was quickly turning into a production writing gig, in a sweat shop environment with tyrannical management philosophy at play.

I want to hop back on my Social Media surfboard, ride this wave, not be crushed by it. For those of you who know me, you know I will succeed. My passions are my purpose and my purpose is my passion. Case in point – my quest to work with horses and special needs individuals. Had I not done my research, and found out about Therapeutic Riding I wouldn’t be enjoying my involvement in that as well. And, I wouldn’t have a broken ankle either, I guess… HA! Small price to pay for the rewards it brings.

My hope and my wish is with Social Media/Social Media Marketing continuing as a strongly emerging industry, that somewhere out there is an agency that wants a fresh ball of clay like me to mold into a Social Media Guru for their team and their clients. I AM a leader, but right now I want to be a follower. A pro surfer follows the wave’s crest, curve and current and in doing so, masters the ride. To get too far ahead without building strength, endurance and momentum through watching and reading the wave carefully and accurately, the big kahuna will only hammer me back down.

I’m an eager learner. I enjoy a challenge. I’m ready to get my knuckles dirty, digging and building my way on the Social Media Landscape.

There’s a fit for me somewhere. I know it.

….. Jus’ Sayin’!


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