Will Work For…. FREE!

That’s right… I am willing to work for just about any organization, for 30 days, unpaid.

In a tight job market and precarious economy, I’m willing to set myself apart from millions of other job seekers by working for free. I want to prove my value. If I prove myself in 30 days, I’d like an opportunity to join any such organization permanently on a paid, full time basis.
I am currently under-employed and am seeking a full time, long term position with a proven organization. I’m a team player, unafraid of hard work, long hours or tight deadlines, and willing to prove myself from the bottom up if necessary. I’m ready to add value to your team in a lead or supportive role.
I can be your ball of clay – mold me your way.
I have an extensive background in Marketing/Advertising, with core strengths in Print Production, Writing (content for web, ad copy, WordPress Blogs/Social Media, scripts for TV and Radio spots and Press Releases), Customer Relationship Building and Management, and Creative Project Management, including procurement of goods and services. My skills and talents are easily transferable to any industry.
During my years as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor I have honed my teaching, coaching, leadership and volunteer skills. These are also valuable and transferable assets to bring into any position or industry for which I may be considered.
I am immediately available for an in person interview and am able to start work as early as necessary.
I’m hopeful that someone will request a copy of my cover letter and resume and see that I’m a creative thinker and an engaging team player.

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  1. Hey Amiga…how are you? This is Carlos from Sweet Escapes. I hope all is well. Just happen to be cleaning my Gmail email account and came across your name. So anyway. Wish you the very best!Carlos512-773-3189carloscarrillo10@gmail.com

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