Best Facebook Comment Thread…EVVVV-UHHH!!!!

I just love today’s youth…. oh god, did I just write that out loud?

I am just all a-chuckle after reading this Facebook Post/Comment thread. It started with a post from a 15 year-old.

Only if you’re 30 years of age or older,  are you allowed to comment on the aforementioned Facebook Post/Comment thread… if not, then bugger off!!!

Ah... the innocence of youth

Here goes… enjoy!! (un-edited, except for names… remember, these are 15 year olds, maybe a little older)

Poster: why cant people realize it dosent matter what others think of you?

Commenter: touche

Commenter:  sorry Al**** 😦

Poster:  im not sad. just like in general, nobody would want to be cool, nobody would have self confidence issues. everyone would just be overall happier

Commenter:  No, because then there would be the PARANOIA of people accepting them

Commenter: i thought you were mad at me complaining about your hair ^^;

Poster: but if they didnt want to be accepted then they wouldnt care.

Poster: no ma******. haha your the only one who complains. i hope you know that. lol

Commenter: i know, i know

Commenter: everyone wants to be accepted, thats human nature.

Poster: but if they didnt then theyd be happier.

Commenter: but if it wasn’t for that, a good portion of society would pretty much fail

Poster: why fail?

Commenter: Well, think about it. Caring what other people think is what makes people like or dislike you. This shows up alot in Business. If companies just did what they wanted and didn’t care what others think….it wouldn’t be very successful now would it? They wouldn’t make money, stocks collapse, people don’t get paid , people starve=the end

Poster: but what if they had a job that wasnt based on what others think. like an artist. it would be a huge advantage. you would feel free to create whatever you want to create.

Commenter: If everyone was an artist then no one would make money……

Commenter: and in fact, there would be no food lmao

Poster: well… money is stupid. we should be able to take whatever we want. haha

Commenter: Okay, give me your stuff.

Poster: only if you let me take yours:)

Commenter: No…that is not how this works.

Poster: why? were allowed to take whatever we want.

Commenter: Unless i stop you from taking my stuff….

Poster: but what if i stop you from taking my stuff?

Commenter: You won’t, i will kill you in the process. And no one will stop me because everyone is too busy painting flowers or something xD

Poster: haha! but what if you start painting flowers and dont have time to kill me?

Commenter: Who said i’d be an artist?

Poster: everyone will be an artist 🙂 and you will paint flowers. and i will paint a zebra

Commenter: So we’d starve to death?

Poster: well hunt and gather?

Commenter: ‎…..6 billion people on the early Al*****….there isn’t that much food with out farmers, processes and etc

Poster: the weak ones can starve?

Commenter: oh, okay, so in the process of making some people feel better, we eradicated 3/4 of the planet? terrific

Poster: yeah. but at least everyone is happy:D

Commenter: well…not the dead ones

Poster: they dont have feeling. theyre dead. so theyre not sad either.

Commenter: So if E**** starved to death you’d be happy?

Poster: shed be the one to live

Commenter: what like in death? You are an atheist u don’t believe in that !

Poster: no. shed be the one not to starve.:) haha. i dont think you live when you die. but ive never died. so i wouldnt know.haha

Commenter: I think u should just accept life for what it is 😉

Poster: life is life. and your life should be lived…. happy

Commenter: Well duh, lol

Poster: and nobody will kill eachother or starve.

Comment: nnnnooooo

Poster: yes. 🙂

Commenter: But, but, but, we would have overpopulation D:

Poster: we already do. haha

Commenter: But i mean like , MASS overpopulation

Poster: ill already be dead before it gets bad. haha

Commenter: will you kill yourself?

Poster: Haha no. but im getting old.

Commenter: your 15

Poster: I know. But theres only like 70 mord years.

Commenter: actually, the life expectancy rate is approximatly 100 for Americans

Poster: So like 80 more years. But I cant do that many fun things when im old.

Commenter: Wow ur a downer, being old can be fun 😀

Poster: Haha how would you know? I’m having fun being 15

Commenter: U wont want to be 15 forevah

Poster: Unfourtunately. Im ok with being 16 or 17 or 18 or 19 or 20 or 21 but when it gets to 24 ehhhh

Commenter: dude, 24 would be the perfect age, actually 25

Poster: Why? Unless you get pregnant. Yeah seems nice. But once I hit thirty. It will take some getting used to.


OKAY… you know you chuckled too along the way, right? Post your advice for these precious little gems and I’ll make sure I feed it back… all mushed up, filtered and pureed like Gerber baby food…. so the  precious little ones can digest it safely.



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One response to “Best Facebook Comment Thread…EVVVV-UHHH!!!!

  1. TeeeRay

    I just laughed my butt off! Hysterical!
    I HAD some advice to share, but I forgot it. I’m OLD after all!

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