About Me and My Crap

Been walking the planet for about a half century or so… upright the whole time, mind you. Managed to land a spouse and build an amazing family of 2 deeply cherished and outstanding kids. Love the outdoors, especially if I’m enjoying it from the back of a horse. If you have wine, you’re my best friend ever…. and if you read and love my crap I write about… then that justs makes you weird… but thanks anyway.

Does this horse make my butt look big?

Grab a glass of wine… read my crap…. comment on my crap…. subscribe to and follow my crap… ’cause I’m jus’ sayin’ it all.



2 responses to “About Me and My Crap

  1. TeeeRay

    So, I’m your best friend AND I’m weird? You like weird ppl.

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