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Pre Gobble Prose

It’s the night before Thanksgiving, and the turkey is soaking neck-deep in it’s brine while family and friends are gathered, having a large time!

The ingredients have been gathered for all tasty dishes, and recipes are scattered all about my messy kitchen. While hubby scours the football schedule for the games of the day, our dog stands sentry for scraps sure to come her way.

In all of the mayhem and joyous chaos that’s here, one certain thing, is the thanks that we share.

Thanks for the family and the friends who are so dear.

Thanks for my great job, the team that I serve; and thanks for the provisions this opportunity brings.

Thanks for the freedoms of which America sings, and the men and the women who have sacrificed plenty.

I know your “thanks” are similar and many… so raise your glass with me and let’s toast to Thanksgiving, 2011!

With Peace and Love….



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Rapid Gunfire In My Home Office This Morning

Yeah… that got your attention, didn’t it?

We live in NE GA and this morning, after several hours of freezing overnight rain, many roads are impassable and as such, many schools in the area are closed today.

So why is it that on a regular school day, it nearly takes an army of angry villagers to wake my son and get him moving, but today he is up and at it by 8:00? And, within a half hour of waking he is hanging out in my office waging a full out war on some game on his PSP. Yeah, today is gonna be a fun one!

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Actually, I mostly enjoy the snow days – although there’s not one flake on the ground here. Snow days are a gift. The whole family is here… and stays here. It’s like a rainy Sunday, when all you HAVE to do or want to do is just hang out together, inside, and stay comfy.

I see a huge batch of homemade chicken and dumplings in my future today… and  maybe some cookies too!

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