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Blogany (Blog-agony)….

That’s right.

I’m actually writing an entry in this long neglected blog of mine.

I guess it ceased being a blog when I suspended writing posts…. well over a year ago…. Uggh. What now?

I wonder if anyone will even see THIS post? I wonder if I even still have the micro handful of followers I had when I last posted? I wonder what I’m even doing? How do I blog? Surely, there’s a crap ton of new protocol to blogging that I’m grossly out of touch with now!

BloganyLet’s see… what incredibly insignificant, boring crap of mine should I blog about? (I’m writing this on my new Chromebook… does that count as insignificant?… I’m gonna go with “yes… yes, it does”)

I must get inspired again!!!! Perhaps a new year will bring about new inspiration.

Until then, my apologies for this lame post.

Happy New Year!


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