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The Dead of Winter

Don’t judge me for the title of this post. After a week of being snowed in, add to that it’s Friday and I’m working on only my first margarita, I’m a little… shall we say, frigid?….. in my mind power, at this moment.

Anyway, I have this fascination with taking pictures of pretty little cemetery scenes, so here’s the latest for this week. This little beauty sits right alongside my home and I have a gorgeous view of it from my staircase landing. It’s a pre-civil war family burial plot.

If you like this one, I’ve got more. Let me know and I’ll post some really cool ones from centuries old Savannah cemeteries.

What’s your favorite photography subject?

Winter Souls Resting


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I May Need Surgery…

Well, it’s not yet confirmed but I may need surgery.

That’s right… surgery…. A PJectomy. I will need to have my PJs surgically removed from my body.

“Why”, you ask.  After 4 days snow-bound in the south, where we don’t really have the means to handle 6+ inches of snow and ice, what else is one to do but hunker down in their PJs, waiting for the thaw?

Well, the thaw IS coming… tomorrow. We’re getting a heat wave and I’ll have to either voluntarily shed my PJs and rejoin any civilization that may remain beyond my back deck (ahhh… snow poker, I’m gonna miss ya!), or opt for the surgery.

What a bunch of cheaters!

It’s a new year, and unlike last year at this time, I have NOT reached my insurance deductible, so I guess surgery’s out. I’ll have to “rip off the band-aid” myself – ouch!

How long were you in your PJs this week? I bet I beat you!!!


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